Saturday, April 24, 2010

Features Of Toshiba Satellite Notebook by: Daniel Travers

I am a loyal user of Toshiba Satellite notebook. I have been using these for a number of years without any problem whatsoever. The model I am using now is M35-S320 which was introduced a few years back. It has become obsolete and I would be very surprised if you get this model at all in any store. You of course get one at one grand if you shop online.

The Toshiba Satellite note book that I use, may have become ‘obsolete’ but this laptop serves my purpose to the tee. In the computer world, there is nothing ‘obsolete’ – it is just that newer models have been introduced. My Toshiba note book is equipped with a 60GB hard drive, 512MB of RAM memory, and a Pentium-M 1.5 Ghz processor. It also carries a combined DVD-ROM/CD-RW unit, a 32MB NVIDIA Geforce FX Go5200 graphics card, a 15.4 inch TFT screen, and indeed

a wireless modem and network card. These seem to be quite sufficient features for an efficient laptop notebook.

The name Toshiba Satellite is so because of its wireless network feature. The time when this was introduced, it was considered state of the art. These days of course, most laptops have wireless network facility. In spite of so many brands available in the market, the Toshiba Satellite has not lost out on its popularity. It gives instant internet access, as long as you have accessible network close by.

The Toshiba Satellite notebook is a reasonably mighty little laptop with the capability of handling big entertainment features like movies and computer games. Since it has an excellent built-in graphic card, speedy processors and a heavy-duty RAM memory capacity, it can handle the modern computer games with ease and show movies with superb visuals. In fact, I use my Toshiba Satellite notebook primarily for playing games or watch movies when I used to work in remote areas.

Towards the beginning of 2006, the brand new model of the M-series of the notebook was introduced, the M-65. This magnificent model has a bigger hard drive with a faster and better processor and graphic card. Though it retains the ‘satellite’ name and can access the internet with equal ease as the previous models, the M-65 is marketed with more emphasis on its graphical capabilities.

However my only bone of contention with the Toshiba Satellite series is the poor sound quality. I grumble with my M-35 because of this inadequacy. But I know if I spend a little more, I can easily buy a set of speakers to boost up the sound system, if I ever desire that.

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Friday, April 23, 2010

The Apple Mac mini - It Fits Anywhere And It is The Most Affordable Mac Ever!

Mac OS X, the worlds most advanced operating system! Just connect, plug, and your playing. The Apple Mac mini will work with either Mac or PC-compatible peripherals, this makes it easier than ever to upgrade from and older Mac or PC system. All you have to do is connect your USB mouse and keyboard, then hook up your DVI or VGA display (our adapter is included). Then just plug it in, turn it on and your ready to go.

Now this is power packed into a small package - Apple has outdone themselves! Under the sleek anodized aluminum styling of the Mac mini is a G4 processor, room for up to 1GB PC2700 main memory, a Radeon 9200 graphics chip, and a large enough hard drive, up to 80 GB, to store todays digital media....

With the mini connections you can hook-up your digital devices like cameras, iPod, printer, camcorder, and your keyboard. There is even a audio/headphone jack. You can customize this Mac with some great extra options after you select your Mac mini.

You have the choice to use your own keyboard and mouse or choose the Apple Wireless keyboard and mouse and free yourself from the clutter of cables. You will need the Bluetooth module and with it you will also be able to have wireless access to printers, cell phones, PDAs, input devices and other peripherals. Or add a AirPort Extreme Card and have the freedom of wireless networking from anywhere in your home. Although you must have these features added when ordering your Mac or they will have to be added by an authorized service provider because they are not user-installable.

A slot-loading SuperDrive added will let you play and burn both CDs and DVDs. So be sure to check out the most advanced, convenient, and affordable Mac in history!

Check It Out!!
by: Bonnie Archer

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Samsung S3650 Review– The Most Stylish Communicator

Samsung S3650 aka Corby is a tech-savvy entry level, touch screen mobile phone which curbs the users’ appetite for a stylish, feature rich gadget available within the budget. Socialization is now the slogan for teenagers and young mobile phone users and Samsung S3650 rightly gives the user what he wants. The distinct shape and bold colors of the mobile phone is definitely a selling point among youngsters, though it is not for adults. The size of the phone is 103 x 56.5 x 12mm and it weighs 90g.

This inexpensive mobile phone surely has high end features available with other Samsung mobile phones. The finger zoom feature makes it more interesting to use the capacitive touch screen. The Smart unlock and based TouchWiz interfaces are all the indispensable features in the Samsung S3650.The plastic design doesn’t degrade the level of this phone with glossy finish...

The central attraction of the phone is the 2.8 inches capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. The image quality is satisfactory, but other Samsung mobile phones offer much better quality. The screen is highly responsive though sunlight legibility is poor. Right below the screen, there are three simple keys for menu control.

The TouchWiz interface in Samsung S3650 is fun to use. You can add as many widgets as you wish and customize the mini apps according to your needs. The accelerometer based auto align widgets option helps you align widgers when you shake the phone. Aside from the home screen and modern icons, rest of the interface looks just like any other Samsung touch mobile phone. Multitasking is available with this mobile phone and you can run java applications in the background. But the lack of dedicated key for switching between opened applications limit the functionality of multitasking. The interface allows users to assign gestures for letters A to Z to open desired applications.

The Samsung S3650 features the common phonebook. You can add a video to a contact as a contact image. Dialing numbers and calling is an absolute pleasure with the touch screen phone. A smart dialing feature could have made the phone much better. The call quality and reception of the Samsung S3650 are all satisfatory. SMS and MMS share a common editor. But there is a dedicated editor for sending emails. The great drawback of this phone is that it has no landscape QWERTY keypad which is always present in other expensive touch screen mobile phones.

The most exciting feature of the Samsung S3650 is its social networking. Now you can integrate Facebook, Myspace and Twitter with your phone. There are three separate widgets that allow you to post messages and images to your social networking accounts directly. You will also receive pop up notifications for responses to your account. You can also link to websites like Picasa and Flickr and upload your files in a jiffy. However, there is no phonebook integration, which is pretty disappointing.

On the multimedia side, music player and FM radio are extremely useful and they are touch optimized. The Video player is quite satisfactory. The 2MP camera shoots images at a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels with smile shot feature, but there is no auto focus. The video recording is basic, but it is touch optimized too. Bluetooth and A2DP support provides connectivity. The web browser is perfect and comes with full flash support. There are quite a few office apps that are good additions to the package.

The battery life promised by the Li- lon 960 mAh is 9 hours of talk time and 730 hours of standby time, which is pretty good. The lack of 3G support is surely a disadvantage because high speed internet can make using social networks more fun.
by: Jerry Smith

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Wii 7th Generation Gaming Console by: Jerry Fische

If you are a great gaming fan, you may already know what Wii is all about. It is a seventh generation home video gaming console that was released by Nintendo. It is the leader of the seventh generation gaming consoles with wide features. Soon after having your first interaction with this gaming console, you will be amazed with the Wii remote, which is the wireless controller of the console and is a unique accessory of the console with numerous features. Due to this remote control and numerous other reasons, the Nintendo Wii has become a popular and the best selling seventh generation gaming console.

What Nintendo Wii Bundles Offer...

The most distinguishing feature of the Nintendo Wii is its revolutionary designed controller, which offers distinctive motion sensitive 3D game play options. The Wii sports game is ideal to play with this new styled remote control. Wii offers free online game play and services and has integrated Wi-Fi to offer you complete comfort. The Wii is compatible with all the accessories of its predecessor, the Nintendo Game Cube, such as the controllers and games. The Nintendo Wii Console bundles come with photo viewing and built-in SD slot for storage. Nintendo's Wii is perhaps the most affordable yet ideal home gaming console for you to have.

The controller is different from the common one usually available with other consoles and it takes time to get used to it. One of the drawbacks that you have to face is the number of batteries the controller consumes. The Nintendo Wii is not as adept at the surround sound and HD graphics as other seventh generation gaming consoles. To facilitate the console interface with the wireless controllers, you need to place the wired receiver unit near the television. The major disadvantage that you will come across is that this gaming console does not play CD's or DVD's.

Wii Sports Resort

The Wii sports resort is a special collection of sports games for the console and is a sequel to the original Wii sports. The game is set in a beach resort, and there are a total of twelve different sports to play. Thanks to the motion sensors, you can play each sport with the Nintendo Wii remote or sometimes the Nunchuk, the same way as the actual sport. For example, in case of tennis, you can swing the remote just like the racket in a real game. Wakeboarding, archery, golf, bowling, canoeing, power cruising, and basketball are some of the sports available in the console.

In the end, it can be concluded that the Nintendo Wii obviously lacks the rich media features and graphical prowess you are sure to find in other 7th generation consoles. However, the unique motion sensitive controllers make up for this factor. If you can deal with the low graphics and sound, then this affordable and fun console is not easy to resist, especially with impressive Wii deals.

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Blackberry Mobile Phones:a Smarter Choice

Today, when most people getting smarter to choose the a right for themselves, Blackberry mobile phones can be considered as an amazing option which meet the requirements of its users in the most effective way. The most attractive feature found in the gadgets is their wide and broad screens blessed with various additional features. It is embedded with some of the special features such as handwriting recognition; which enables the users to identify the letters written on screen. QWERTY keyboard is one of the best features found in these gadgets. Majority of the Blackberry mobile phones are blessed with high resolution cameras which are featured with advantages like autofocus, LED flash, face detection, image stabiliser etc. this way, users are capable of capturing bright and clear image even in dark conditions. Blackberry's smartphopnes work mostly on its own operating system which comes with 624 MHz Marvell processor...

Almost all the Blackberry mobile phones are blessed with high resolution cameras comprising of advanced features like autofocus, LED flash, face detection, image stabiliser etc. Thus, the users can click bright and clear images even in dark conditions also.

For the music freaks, Blackberry has brought options for the music lovers in the form of FM radio with RDS technology, MP3 player and MP4 player. Apart from this, the users can also enjoy Java games which can be downloaded from Internet without any hassle. So, this is an additional benefit. Thus, it is clear that Blackberry phones takes care of both communication and entertainment for its users. To satisfy the business users, the gadget is also featured with famous technologies such as GPRS, HSDPA, EDGE, WLAN, USB port and Wireless Bluetooth. All the handsets designed by Blackberry are broad and are much lighter in weight. Thus, people are served in a finer way. For instance, Blackberry 8520 Curve, it is an excellent handset with 106 grams weight.

So, it is very much visible from the above discussion that Blackberry mobile phones are high end handsets capable of meeting communication, entertainment as well as business requirements of the users. Internet can provide the interested buyers regarding the available choice. Act smart by picking an appropriate device for yourself.

 by: Blackberry mobile phones:a smarter choice

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Choosing a Digital Camera - DSLR, Compact or Bridge? by: Autumn Lockwood

Choosing a digital camera will be a lot easier when you look at each of the three types of digital cameras: the digital SLR, compact (automatic) cameras and Bridge cameras. This article introduces you to the advantages and disadvantages of each, so that you can narrow your choices down to the type of camera you want.

Digital Single Lens Reflexes (DSLRs)

Digital SLRs, also called "DSLRs" are expensive, and until recently were used almost only by professional photographers. Prices have come down considerably over the years for an entry level DSLR like the popular Canon Rebel. Just remember that when you buy a DSLR you will also have to buy lenses to use. Some DSLRs do include a basic starter lens so you can start taking photos right away after buying your camera. If you want to take some pictures of something far away, you can't just push a button to zoom but will need to get a telephoto lens. These cameras are available in all kinds of sizes to fit different photographer's needs. You can also buy quality used equipment if you need to keep your costs low.

One of the big benefits of using a DSLR is the ability to use telephoto lenses that will shoot a close up from a far away distance. And they are lightning fast! That means you won't miss actions shots because the camera took too long to record the picture after you pressed the shutter release button.

DSLRs also can be used with extra accessories like external flashes and filters to give you more options when taking pictures. DSLRs are great for taking action pictures in low light situations where a flash isn't allowed or won't reach.

Because of their large sensors, you can increase ISO to get pictures in low light while still having a high shutter speed to capture action. Other camera's smaller sensors mean that when you increase ISO sufficiently to get these shots, you end up with digital noise, a colorful, unsightly graininess. This can sometimes be removed with software but the DSLR allows you to avoid the whole mess.

The biggest disadvantage with a DSLR is the high price tag compared to other types of cameras.

It's a nice camera to upgrade to if you want to advance and take your photography to the next level. Many get started with a camera body and kit lens, and then add bigger lenses over time.

Point & Shoot Digital Cameras (also called compact or automatic cameras)

Digital compact cameras (or point and shoots) are the most popular type of camera for good reason. Compact cameras can take such good quality pictures these days that many professional photographers will also use compact cameras for when they don't want to carry around their DSLR gear. (Small compacts are also called subcompacts).

As mentioned above, compacts biggest benefits is their small and compact size. Unlike DSLRs which usually require a small bag of camera gear (if you have a couple of lenses) these cameras can go virtually anywhere.

And while you can just point and shoot with these cameras, many have all sorts of modes from which to choose, and plus some also give you some manual controls, such as Aperture Priority and Shutter Speed Priority. If it has optical zoom, you can also get some great telephoto shots too!

Bridge Cameras

These digital cameras bridge a gap between compact cameras and DSLRs. They are also called prosumer cameras (a blend of professional and consumer).

Most bridge cameras are more expensive than compacts but are less expensive than most Digital SLRs as you won't have to buy extra lenses like with a DSLR.

Bridge cameras offer more mega pixels than most compacts and have larger sensors. Because of the larger sensor, you can increase ISO more than on a compact but not nearly as high as with an DSLR. If you never need to take action photos in low or poor light then this may never be a problem.

Many bridge cameras have hot shoes to work with external flash, meaning you can get better indoors pictures. Bridge cameras also have movie mode and let you compose pictures on the LCD screen. Many also have super zooms. This means they have optical zoom ranges of 10x to 20x. Bridge cameras have almost as many manual controls as DSLRS so you have a lot of functionality available to use.

Once you decide what type of camera you want (DSLR, bridge or compact), selecting a camera will be a lot less confusing. When you get your new camera, make sure to take time to learn how to use your camera properly so you'll be able to start taking some great pictures right away.

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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Hemat berinternet :Onno W Purba

Dalam berbagai kesempatan memberikan ceramah & seminar, kebanyakan peserta umumnya tidak percaya bahwa saya membayar IndoNet (ISP yang saya gunakan) setiap bulan-nya hanya sekitar Rp. 40.000,- / bulan. Umumnya peserta seminar / workshop selalu menyangka bahwa biaya yang saya keluarkan untuk Internet sekitar Rp. 300.000 s/d Rp. 1 juta / bulan – belum di tambah biaya telepon ke Telkom. Biaya Telkom saya sekitar Rp. 200.000,- / bulan sedang handphone saya lebih banyak saya matikan karena memang terus terang saya kurang suka menggunakan handphone. Jadi secara umum biaya telekomunikasi saya baik ISP, Telkom & handphone mendekati sekitar Rp.250.000-an / bulan...

Kalau di hitung-hitung sebetulnya biaya komunikasi tersebut relatif sangat sedikit dibandingkan dengan trafik komunikasi yang ada sekitar 600-an e-mail setiap hari kadang-kadang FAX melalui laptop saya. Dalam tulisan singkat ini saya mencoba memberikan tip-tip yang sangat sederhana sekali untuk melakukan itu semua.

Prinsip yang harus dipegang erat-erat sangat sederhana, usahakan semaksimal mungkin agar kegiatan yang kurang produkti dilakukan secara off-line & meminimalkan hal-hal yang sifatnya entertainment. Dalam kalimat yang lebih sederhana, jika anda menggunakan Internet sebaiknya jangan (minimalkan) akses ke Web, jangan menggunakan Free mail lewat Web dan jangan melakukan IRC (chatting). Ketiga jenis aplikasi paling populer ini justru yang paling memakan pulsa paling besar.

Ketiga hal itu memang saya lakukan betul-betul kecuali keadaan darurat saya kadang memang menggunakan free mail Web. Tapi itu hanya dilakukan hanya dalam keadaan sangat terpaksa, biasanya saya menyambungkan laptop saya ke Internet di hampir setiap kota di Indonesia kebetulan saya menggunakan Indo.Net yang mempunyai banyak port di kota-kota lain seperti hal-nya &

Apa yang saya lakukan kemudian? Mari kita bagi dalam dua hal / masalah yaitu untuk akses e-mail dan akses Web. Untuk e-mail saya menggunakan account POP e-mail di ISP yang saya bayar Rp. 30.000 / bulan merupakan bagian dari jasa ISP kepada pelanggan-nya. Kelihatannya mahal karena kita bayar Rp. 30.000,- tapi dengan membayar tadi saya bisa menggunakan e-mail client software seperti Outlook Express, Eudora dll. untuk mengatur semua mail saya. Saya dapat mengetik / mempersiapkan semua berita secara offline. Demikian juga pada saat anda membaca mail, karena Outlook Express & Eudora memungkinkan untuk menyimpan semua mail anda di harddisk lokal maka anda dapat membaca mail secara offline tanpa perlu takut agro / pulsa telepon. Dengan cara sederhana ini maka sangat menghemat pulsa Telkom yang sangat mahal.

Pulsa telkom hanya digunakan pada saat proses pengiriman & pengambilan mail saja. Cara-nya pun sederhana sebetulnya -setelah semua berita siap untuk dikirim, maka kita cukup menekan tombol send & receive di Outlook Express untuk mengirimkan dan mengambil semua mail dari ISP. Outlook Express bisa di set agar hubungan ke ISP langsung secara automatis putus (auto-disconnect) sesaat setelah semua mail sudah dikirim dan mail dari POP account di ISP sudah di ambil.

Bayangkan untuk mengirim / menerima sekitar 200-600 mail saya hanya membutuhkan waktu sambungan ke ISP melalui telkom sekitar 5 (lima) menit saja. Biaya per menit ke Internet sekitar Rp. 150 / menit (Rp. 75 untuk Telkom & Rp. 75 untuk ISP-nya) Artinya per hari saya mengeluarkan biaya Rp. 1000-2000 untuk e-mail saya, sebuah biaya yang murah untuk mengirim 600-an mail / hari.

Berbeda dengan jika anda menggunakan e-mail seperti,, yang semua-nya berbasis Web. Untuk “free” e-mail yang berbasis Web tersebut maka mau tidak mau anda harus menyalakan telepon & menghubungkan diri ke Internet pada saat membaca mail, menulis jawaban, menulis mail, mengirim mail. Saya yakin dalam waktu 5 menit paling banter anda hanya bisa mengirim / membaca sekitar 2-5 surat saja. Tentunya hal ini akan berdampak sangat buruk pada tagihan pulsa Telkom maupun ISP anda.

Yang lain yang sering membuat orang pusing adalah kalau anda hanya punya satu komputer yang dipakai bersama-sama bagaimana cara-nya supaya mail setiap orang berbeda dan tidak dibaca oleh yang lain? Di Windows98 sudah di sediakan fasilitas untuk multi-user baik windows-nya yang multi-user maupun di microsoft outlook express-nya fasilitas tersebut memungkinkan satu buah PC digunakan beramai-ramai oleh banyak orang tanpa bisa satu orang membaca mail orang yang lain karena di proteksi menggunakan password.

Bagaimana dengan akses Web? Terus terang saya hanya akan mengakses web jika sangat di perlukan sekali. Biasanya menggunakan komputer teman di kantor-nya atau di kampus atau di warung internet. Itupun caranya dalam waktu satu jam browing yang saya lakukan sangat standar sekali, yaitu menggunakan search engine seperti, masukan keyword yang sangat spesifik sampai menemukan artikel / paper yang saya butuhkan. Biasanya keyword yang paling mujarab adalah FAQ & whitepaper untuk menemukan ilmu-ilmu yang terpendam di Internet. Langsung di klik menuju URL yang di tuju, saya tidak akan membaca secara detail informasi yang di peroleh pada saat browsing tapi saya akan mengirimkannya melalui e-mail ke account saya di semua halaman / informasi yang saya peroleh pada saat browsing dengan cara itu saya bisa membaca semua informasi setelah semua masuk ke laptop saya via e-mail dan tidak perlu takut argo berjalan.

Jika anda menggunakan PC / laptop sendiri untuk browsing fasilitas sinkronisasi di internet explorer akan sangat membantu untuk me-nyedot informasi dari Web untuk nantinya dibaca secara offline. Hal ini sering saya lakukan menggunakan laptop saya. Jadi fasilitas sinkronisasi akan menyedot semua URL yang saya spesifikasikan dan dapat saya set supaya nanti-nya dapat dibaca secara offline. Dengan cara itu sangat effisien untuk menghemat pulsa juga.
Kira-kira demikian sebagian besar strategi yang saya gunakan untuk menghemat pulsa. Mudah-mudahan hal yang sama dapat berlaku untuk anda & keluarga anda. Memang saya tahu kebanyakan adik-adik khusus-nya mahasiswa / siswa SMU yang masih ABG sangat suka sekali untuk chatting, saya sangat menyarankan untuk membuat sarana diskusi tersebut melalui e-mail dengan menggunakan mailing list seperti di karena akan jauh lebih murah daripada diskusi chatting yang membuang pulsa yang mahal. Oleh:Onno W Purba

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